AuthorAuthor Writers Group

As I am getting more and more likes and followers, I would like the opportunity to invite all writers who are looking for free publicity to join the Facebook group AuthorAuthor, where together we create cheap paperbacks and free of charge downloadable Ebooks for people to read.

Depending on the topic(s) that are chosen, each willing to participate writes a short story or story piece within a certain time frame which will then be combined into a little booklet and published on Amazon. The Ebook is spread through the FB download group AuthorAuthorBooks torrents and where ever we can put it. We actually encourage people to copy and spread the Ebooks!

No, you will not earn from this, but you will get your name out there, which for a starting writer it all begins. Without people knowing your name and your style, they will not buy your published book unless they know you personally.

And yes, I believe in this new way of publishing so much that I have actually given away my own book Foothold of Tethys this way and our first collaboration book Worlds Entwined F1 (fantasy, book 1) is out now.

So feel free to join, read the pinned post and fill in your information on your skill(s) and genre(s), and lets create books together!


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