When We Dance – the ballet photo shoot

Well, it is really happening.

Next to my writing and occasional drawing to clear my mind, I have talked myself into doing a photo shoot for a book cover I have been dying to write, about ballet.

The story line is actually a bit hokey if you ask me. A trained ballet dancer, female and around 20, has extreme stage fright, while a boy from a craftsman background would want to do nothing else but dance, but can’t because there has to be some income to feed the family. As she dances in the school, he looks at her from his flat roof vantage point and pretends to dance with her, inventing the steps as he goes, and as this is a romance story, he gets caught doing so by the girls’ very strict teacher, who is not much older than the girl and has danced professionally, but broke her ankle and can no longer fully perform. Though against the wishes of the teacher, the boy and girl meet, start sessions together in secret in an old abandoned warehouse and as the boy and girl fall in love, the world falls away.

With this book I want to show the passion and the hardships of ballet, and not the egocentric and psychological deviations which are so often featured. Not all dancers are malnourished bulimic headcases and not all male dancers are gay. I’d like to take away this shroud of prejudgment and show what ballet is really about: a passion for the grace of dance and the willingness to give up things to reach it.


Well-now. After some promotion and a lot of talking to people, I have found my lead dancers and the teacher, who all three have to be featured on the cover. We have found a place to take the pictures, and all we need now is a hairdresser and a make-up artist and this is really going to happen. A life-long dream is about to come true.

Currently the name of the book is something like ‘When We Dance’, after the song by Sting. This song kind of has what I hope to go for in this multi-layered cover.


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